Touchdowns and Tail-Wags: 4 Reasons to Watch Puppy Bowl XVIII

Are you ready for the big game? No, not the Super Bowl—Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XVIII, of course! The puppies in this fluffy throwdown may not know a touchdown from a tackle, but when it comes to playtime, they’re leaving it all on the field. Plus, they’re a whole lot cuter than the athletes in that other game. (Sorry, Joe Burrow.)

Team Ruff and Team Fluff will battle it out for the Chewy Lombarky Trophy Sunday, February 13 at 2 p.m. ET, and you can catch all the action on Animal Planet or streaming on discovery+. Until then, get hyped for kickoff with these reasons you simply cannot miss Puppy Bowl XVIII.

puppy bowl

1To swoon over adorable puppies, of course!

What’s the biggest draw of the Puppy Bowl? Hello, it’s the puppies! These little furballs are bringing so much cuteness to the turf that you’re guaranteed to get the warm fuzzies. Will you root for Moby, a French Bulldog pup who’s built like the world’s most adorable linebacker? Or will you cheer for Dinozzo, a Basset Hound-Shih Tzu mix with fearsome defensive skills (at least when it comes to the water bowl)? No matter who you pick as your fave, one thing is certain: These pups’ sweet, silly antics will have you ooh-ing, aww-ing and laughing out loud. Check out the starting lineup.

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2It’s a great excuse for a party!

What’s better than an afternoon spent watching adorable puppies? Doing it with friends by your side. So why not gather your besties (furry and otherwise) for a Puppy Bowl party? There’s no better occasion to celebrate with your animal-loving friends—and plenty of ways to make the most of the big day. So go ahead, huddle up with your favorite teammates for a watch party like no other. From snacks and drinks to invitations, party games and more, we’ve got the full guide to throwing an epic Puppy Bowl bash.

If you have an MVP (most valuable pupper) in your life, don’t leave them out of the fun! When you outfit them in your favorite team’s gear, they’re guaranteed to get just as much attention as the puppy players on TV. Shop these picks:


3You can bake your dog a special game day snack.

Whether you’re watching with just your dog or the whole pack, there’s one guaranteed way to make the Puppy Bowl a special occasion: baking your own DIY dog treats.

We’ve got just the recipe: a football jersey-inspired cookie for your pup that you can decorate in your favorite team’s colors. Don’t forget to take an Insta-worthy photo before your pup chows down! Treats like these were made to be shared.

puppy bowl

4To support animal shelters and rescues.

The Puppy Bowl isn’t just an excuse to watch adorable puppies—it’s a platform for highlighting animal shelters and rescues across the country who save pets’ lives daily. Each pup in this year’s lineup is adoptable, and their time on the field raises awareness for puppies (and lots of other pets) who are looking for a forever home. That’s why Chewy is a proud sponsor of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl for the fifth year in a row.

Let’s be honest: Watching these puppies romp on the field makes you want to bring one home, doesn’t it?

If you’re ready to add a puppy to your life, check out the shelters below—their participating puppies will be adoptable on Game Day.

Even if you can resist the temptation to bring home a puppy of your own, you can still add your voice to the outpouring of love for shelters and rescues. It’s easy to support your local animal organizations using Chewy Wish List. Search our listings for a shelter or rescue near you, and you can shop and send the supplies they need right to their doorstep.

So, are you ready for some puppy football? Tune into Animal Planet or discovery+ on Sunday, February 13 at 2 p.m. ET to catch all the adorable action.

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