TikTok Trending Dog Fashions for Spring 2022

Spring is when we fling our winter-weary selves into the newest and yummiest looks for the warmer days ahead, and this year, we’re turning to TikTok for the freshest forecast on trending dog fashions for spring 2022. We are highlighting three trends that are favorites on TikTok and seem to just keep getting bigger and more popular with each season. In addition to the three you see here, we’d add (if we had the room!)  “Regency-Core” as in “Bridgerton” Season Two, Y2K “Skin’s In” less-is-more look, and the brightest colors that speak to our desire for optimism and joyful expression. But, for today, let’s look at these three TikTok trending dog fashions for spring 2022. These looks are easy to get and, because they’re so real, are a good investment for yours and your pup’s wardrobe.
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Cottage Core

Trending for a few years, but it was TikTok that took it over the top with almost 9.2B views of  #cottagecore videos to date. And yet, still trending.

Dopamine-inducing designs with voluminous silhouettes, frills and flourishes and animal, mineral or vegetable motifs are Cottage Core must-haves that we’re seeing translated into some of the sweetest pet looks for spring. The ethos is whimsical and nostalgic but with quirky and often earth-friendly elements that reflect our need for freshness, light, beauty and sustainability. This trend is not going away and let’s face it, it looks great on your dog, too. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Cottage Core Muses: Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Aqua Bendita, Ulla Johnson, The Vampire’s Wife.

Essential Elements

  • Romantic floral patterns that intersect English Country and American prairie memes. Sweet yes, but never twee.
  • Dog fashion accessories such as bucket hats, mix and match patterns and small details like bows, ruffles and petticoats.
  • Carryalls for pets made from recycled materials and straw bicycle baskets and canvas or cotton pet slings
  • You don’t have to go full “Little House on the Prairie.” Add a small floral finish to your pet’s daily duds.
  • Desire to get out of the city (or hit the park) to actually experience nature! 
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Dark Academia

The aesthetic has been worn well for centuries, but it was the pandemic that made it modern. Not exactly preppy, nor gothic, nor nerdythink Diana Bishop in “A Discovery of Witches” and you have the look.

Clean lines, solids, plaids, checks and foulards in darker colors for fall and white linen shirts, cotton bottoms and ticking striped blazers for spring. Add a few good books, be prepared to recite a few verses of poetry and sport a few leather (vegan is good too) accessories and you’ll get straight A’s for style. Get your pup schoolroom-ready with these Dark Academia basics.

Dark Academia Muses: Ralph Lauren, Isabelle Marant, Cinq à Sept, Everlane.

Essential Elements

  • Blazers, vests, sweaters in winter or summer weights and colors. Dog blazer? Hmm…
  • Sensible shoes for your dog and for you, footwear from trainers to Docs that give a “I just want to be comfortable” vibe while blowing it out style-wise.
  • Something large and serious for toting all the stuff you need, from books to read to your pets to extra sweaters for both of you. 
  • You are smart and interested in the arts and literature. Own it and live it, for reals. And never veer into cosplay territory!
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Spring Western

We’re not sure if it is too much “Y: 1883,” “Deadwood” or  because we have “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” in constant rotation, but we’re wild for the west when it comes to fashion. And we’re not alone. “Spring Western” is a Pinterest 2022 top trend prediction.

So, what the look in 2022? It’s a fusion of cowgirl and boho that’s perfect for everywhere from festivals to farmer’s markets. A little denim, a bit of fringe, something handmade and artisan, florals, and of course, boots and sweaters to cover any kind of weather. Your pup can lasso the look with a few of these inspired pieces.

Spring Western Muses: Ganni, Staud, Free People, Urban Outfitters.

Essential Elements

  • Figure out what part of the range you and your little dogies want to inhabit; rhinestone and blingy, leathered and laced, or straight up Daisy Duke.  
  • Layers are key to this look for both you and your pet. When in doubt, add a bandana
  • Seek out and then something handcrafted or personalized such as the tooled leather collar and leash shown here to celebrate true SXSW style.
  • As above, you do not want to look like you’re wearing a costume. Unless you are actually home on the range, a little goes a long way!  
As with all pet fashions, it’s important to remember that not every dog enjoys wearing apparel. If your dog gives you the side eye, looks miserable or keeps trying to pull off whatever you put on, remember their comfort comes first. That said, if your dog is a runway regular, this season has plenty of fun looks to offer with these TikTok trending dog fashions for Spring 2022.

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