The Hottest Pet Fashion Trends This Spring and Summer

This spring and summer, fashion trends range from dreamy ruffled dresses to bold tropical prints—for both pet parents and their pets. That’s right, many of the same trends we’ve seen make their way down the fashion runways in New York, London and more are also making their way into pet clothing designs this year. And you know what that means: more opportunities to twin with our pets!

Ahead, Chewy Design and Trend Analyst San Tran dishes on the top spring and summer fashion trends for pets.

Hello, Yellow


Photo: Chewy Studios

After months without a daily dose of Vitamin D, we could all use a hit of dopamine this spring. And a great way to do that is by wearing the cheeriest color of them all: yellow. For pets, specifically, it’s Pantone’s Amber Yellow. And for pet parents, it’s Pantone’s Empire Yellow, which was identified by Pantone as one of the top colors this spring and summer.

“The transformative hues of Pantone’s Amber Yellow enable a new form of self-expression,” says Tran. Frisco’s Safari Zebra Shirt for dogs and cats, for example, boasts the mood-boosting Amber Yellow Pantone color.

“You’ll find the Amber Yellow color pops up in our prints and other pieces throughout the [Frisco by Chewy] collection,” she continues.

These pet outfits and accessories feature a pop of amber yellow:

Wild at Heart


Photo: Chewy Studios

A trip to tropical destinations, like Africa, may not be in the cards for you and your pet this summer (and if it is, can we come with?), but you can both dress up in summer-wear attire that gives safari vacation vibes. Because not only are tropical prints are not only a major trend for humans this year, they are for pets, too.

“Inspired by the plains in Africa, which is a key trend moving into ‘23 and ‘24, we have created conversational prints with fun zebra motifs [as seen on Frisco’s Safari Zebra Shirt] and a sweatshirt hoodie dress with a ruffle finish around the hem [as seen on Frisco’s Stay Wild Hoodie],” says Tran.

Shop our favorite tropical-inspired outfits and accessories:

Scarves and Stripes Forever


Photo: Chewy Studios

Pet beachwear and resort wear this year is all about embracing sweet sailor scarves, multicolored nautical stripes and flirty ruffled dresses.

“Our new sundress silhouette offers a fun and flirty flare at the waist with lots of personality,” Tran says of Frisco’s Tropical State of Mind Dress, which boasts a tropical print and one of Pinterest’s 2023 trends, ruffles. The dress also features an attached faux sailor scarf that “brings an element of surprise.”

Frisco’s Beach Vibes Dress boasts a popular, go-to summer print: stripes. Complete with ruffles and a scarf, the dress has everything your pet needs to give off beach vibes.

Shop the beachwear trend:

Stylish Protective Wear


Photo: Chewy Studios

Did you know dogs can get sunburns from UVA and UVB rays? It’s true, and one way to protect your pets from sunburns and help keep them cool is with stylish protective wear, like rash guards and hats.

Frisco’s UPF rash guard and UPF hat, for example, are designed with a “really cool ‘wave’ print” and block harmful UV rays, protecting sensitive, sunburn-prone skin in both dogs and cats.

“Our UPF is lab tested UPF 30+ [and proved to] give protection up to 98 percent of UVB and UVA rays,” Tran says.

Shop the pet rash guard and hat below:

Stay safe, have fun and turn some heads this summer! And for more style trends for pets, check out how to dress the Barbiecore trend (spoiler: lots of pink), the rom-com core trend and the Westerncore trend.

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