Stylish Ways to Take Your Pet to Work This Fall

As the office beckons us to return to in-person meetings, 2022 style means we are “goodbye” to WFH loungewear and “hello” to more polished work outfits—complete with our pet in tow for those of us lucky enough to work in dog-friendly offices (like Chewy!). And according to recent studies, an increasing number of pet parents are bringing their furry loved ones along with them to work: Not only have 60 percent of surveyed pet parents previously left a job because it did not allow them to bring their pet to work, but 70 percent also said they’d accept lower pay to land a pet-friendly job—and that’s saying something.

We talked to two pet style experts— Dara Foster, a New York-based renowned pet style expert, author, and former fashion stylist; and Zach Drouin, dog parent to a fashionable and travel-loving teeny white maltipoo dog influencer living in New York City named Mochi (aka Mochi and the City)—to find out what cat and dog carriers are on-trend this fall and how you can coordinate with your furry friend without sacrificing your own personal style, whether you’re in the office or on-the-go.

Pair Unisex Slings with Genderless Outerwear

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“It’s been really interesting to see that as work attire has become more casual—with more people doing hybrid or remote work—pet carrier bags have become more casual,” says Foster. “Dog dads are really embracing pet carriers for both cats and dogs, and items are much more unisex as they bring in their pets to work.”

Foster would know. She has written her blog for over a decade, as well as five children’s books about dogs, including “PupStyle: When I Grow Up,” which features dogs styled as different career professions that kids can learn about and aspire to.

This unisex trend isn’t limited to pet wear, either. Genderless style has been on the rise for years and was all over the fall and winter 2022 runways with tuxedo trends, classic white tanks, and playful trenches, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

For those of you heading into the office this fall and winter, add some sophistication to your autumn wardrobe that matches your pet’s au courant nonbinary style with a tuxedo-style smoking jacket or an oversized trench.

We Love… FurryFido’s reversible unisex carrier sling, which also comes in a neutral grey hue. It’s ideal for cats or dogs under 13 pounds who can stay nestled next to pet parents as they break for coffee.

Shine Bright with Fluorescents

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After a few years of one-foot-in, one-foot-out, Foster says fluorescents are finally cementing themselves as a key 2022 FW trend—and, of course, that extends to your very good boys and girls. She’s spotted neon brights in everything from pet carriers to poo bags.

Foster adds that dog and cat trends generally fall about three years behind human fashion trends and follow home interior and fashion design. But this year, highlighter hues were also super in vogue on 2022 runways with unabashedly bright items making a cameo in Valentino, Chanel, and Alexander McQueen fall/winter runway shows, among others. It’s a fabulous trend to embrace while on your way to the airport or hopping on the train with your pet.

We Love… Ibiyaya’s showstopping stroller, which is available in several super-bright hues, including neon green and hot pink. The best part? It functions as a stroller, too, making the trek or commute an easier and smoother one.

Fashion Tip 1: Be Strategic with Your Accessories

Both Foster and Drouin agree that the essential component to coordinating with your pup or cat is to not make it too matchy-matchy but to pick out a corresponding color or texture. And this especially rings true when it comes to bold hues.

Oversized but chic colorful glasses, Barbie-pink rings, and Crayola-colored earrings are just a few accessories that are all the rage this season that will pair nicely with your pet’s fun garb or carrier.

Mix and Match and Layer Neutrals

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Along with unisex and flourescent-accented pet carriers, slate gray continues to be particularly hot this season for home design and for pets—and Foster says there’s more pet carriers for travel choices than ever with options such as dog and cat backpacks, cool pet slings, and stylish totes.

Coordinating with your pet’s gray goods is simple, too, because the color matches with almost anything. Get inventive and play around with 2022 fall and winter street style trends, like the Zoe Report-approved plaid-on-plaid trend, a breezy maxi dress, or layered neutral hues.

It’s a look that’s great for everything from heading into the office with your pup in tow for a meeting-filled day, to dog-friendly happy hours and meeting up with coworkers for lunch.

We Love… the K9 Rucksack Carrier by Kurgo, which comes in a fetching heather gray with brown faux leather and even features a space for your laptop. Or, opt for a purse, like Pet Gear’s carrier purse in Sand, that boasts some of our favorite on-trend neutral hues and matches with virtually any outfit.

Make the Carrier the Statement Piece While On the Road

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Taking your pup with you on a work trip? Airline-approved pet carriers for the plane have also exploded in variety, according to Foster—and there’s chic options aplenty.

“I used to find just brown, green, black airline totes. Now, there’s more travel carrier colors, and you’ll see a mix and match of contrast of a colored handle with a different colored base bag, which is really fun,” Foster says.

She points to the brand Roverlund, which she uses for her own dog travel carrier. The brand has its own camo and fluorescent-orange rope airline pet carrier. Another favorite is the statement-worthy red and grey carrier by Katziela dubbed the “Bone Cruiser.”

Choices aren’t limited to totes, either. Many airline carrier bags now double as backpacks or come with wheels.

We Love… In addition to the Roverlund bag, this collapsible bag by Petique comes in a classic black-and-gray combo or bold camo. Used as a piece of luggage, rolling carrier, pet car seat, a stroller or even a backpack, it’s perfect for a car or subway commute. We’re also big fans of Vanderpump Pets’ mesh carrier in blush. So chic.

Fashion Tip 2: Pair the Statement Carrier with an All-Black ‘Fit

When you’re using the dog or cat carrier as your statement piece, stay away from bold prints, and opt for classic pieces in your wardrobe. Opt for a matching set in black to make getting dressed in the morning easy-peasy.

Choose Fashion and Function for Flights

Always on the go with Mochi in tow, Because Mochi is so small, he usually opts for cat carrier—that way, the petite pup can curl up in the bag and snooze peacefully under the airline seat.

When picking out your own airline carrier, Droun recommends something that looks like a stylish piece of luggage rather than a pet-specific item. Lots of pockets and a comfy strap are also essential.

One other tip for traveling with your furry companion? Drouin warns a lot of pet travel regulations have changed post-2020.

“Definitely check wherever you’re going both with airlines and destinations to make sure you’ve got whatever the latest is for traveling with your pet,” he says.

We Love… This travel carrier by Petique in fluorescent blue because it has plenty of ventilation, can be worn like a crossbody bag, and comes with a washable mat for easy cleanup.

When in Doubt, Choose Leather

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We’ve talked at length about carriers, but what about your pet’s accessories, like leashes? “If you’re more dressed up for work, you’ll want to think about a leather leash, for example,” Foster says. Voluminous faux fur coats in neutral tones pair nicely with a chic leather leash. Faux fur, BTW, is also a burgeoning pet trend for winter, according to Foster.

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Or, you can choose to match the leather with some of this season’s hottest autumn colors, like dark navies, peachy nudes, oranges, browns—and Pantone’s color of the year, a purple shade the same hue as a jacaranda flower, dubbed Very Peri. We particularly love the idea of pairing a brightly hued monochrome outfit with a sleek leather leash for those mid-workday walks.

We Love… Frisco’s leather leash, which is beautifully handcrafted with Latigo leather, a cowhide leather.

A Poop Bag Dispenser Can Be Chic, Too

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Yes, you heard that right: Poop bags are getting a major fashion upgrade.

“You can also coordinate with a fun poo [bag holder] because poo bags are fashion accessories now,” Foster says. “There’s not just those plastic, ugly bone ones.” Think chic colors and eye-catching shapes, like mini purses.

Sport your stylish poo bag with a cool, oversized vest or cardigan apropos for work. Or, for casual Friday, select straight-leg, light wash Levi’s jeans.

We Love… This indigo mud cloth one by The Foggy Dog, a sleek blue or gray pet waste holder with a chic brass button by Eat Play Wag, and Scotch & Co’s Mini Barkin Poop Bag Dispenser (don’t you just love that name?).

However you choose to coordinate with your pet, remember you don’t have to stray too far from your own personal style with this season’s wide swath of options. Let whatever pet carrier or travel accessory you choose amplify your fall look.

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