Planning a Spooky, Super-Cute Halloween With Your Pets? We’ve Got You.

This Halloween, you’re ready to make a statement with your pet by your side. So, what costume will have heads turning and tails wagging? What are the best pet-friendly places to debut your furry friend’s epic look? And how will you keep them safe and happy all season long? Start planning with our essential guide to spooky season for pets and their people.

Halloween for Dogs

When it comes to spooky season, there’s no such thing as extra. Here’s how to prep your pup for all the fun festivities.

Dog Costumes That Slay

best dog costumes for halloween

From fur-rocious to frighteningly cute, these dog Halloween costumes are the best of the year.

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More of Our Favorite Dog Costumes

When it comes to costumes, size matters. Here’s how to measure your dog to get the perfect fit.

No Tricks, All Treats (and Toys)

best dog halloween toys

Check out these on-trend Halloween dog toys your doggy can really sink their teeth into.

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Spoil your spooky pup with seasonal flavors:

Halloween for Cats

Find everything you need to let out your kitty’s dark side. (Not that they’re great at hiding it to begin with.)

These Cat Costumes Are Killer

best halloween cat costumes

From full costumes to bandanas and harnesses, there’s something spooky for every kitty this Halloween.

Browse More Cat Costumes

More of Our Favorite Dog Costumes

Do Costumes Spook Your Kitty?

Some cats just aren’t into wearing clothing. Instead, try an accessory like a Halloween bandana or harness to help them get into the spirit.

Claw-Worthy Cat Toys

Indulge your cat’s killer instincts with these ghoulish playthings.

Keeping Halloween Spooky and Safe

An emergency visit to the vet on Halloween night? Now, that’s scary. Follow these Halloween safety tips to keep the festivities frightfully fun:

1 Avoid Dangerous Decor

Many common Halloween decorations pose a threat to your pet, including:

  • Candles (they’re easily knocked over—use battery-powered candles or glow sticks instead)
  • Electrical wires (pets are prone to chew them)
  • Fog machines (the fog fluid can be toxic to pets)
  • Fake spiders and other small plastic items (these can be choking hazards)

2Hide the Candy

The No. 1 pet hazard this spooky season? Halloween candy. It’s a sweet treat for you, but it’s a whole package of bad ideas for your pet, from cellophane and candy wrappers that can cause gastrointestinal blockage to sweeteners like xylitol and other ingredients that can make your pet sick. Make sure to keep any trick-or-treat bags far out of your pet’s reach.

3Keep Your Pet Inside

Many pets go missing on and around Halloween each year, and it’s easy to understand why: The front door opening to trick-or-treaters all night long presents a tempting opportunity for pets to sneak out. Keep pets in a safe, comfortable and, most importantly, inescapable area during trick-or-treat hours, as well as during any Halloween parties you’re hosting where people will be coming and going.

4Double-Check Their ID

It’s a good idea to make sure the information on your pet’s ID tag is up-to-date, as well as that their microchip is active. That way, if they do manage to sneak out for a little Halloween mischief, they’ll have a good chance of returning to you safe and sound. Not microchipped yet? Find out more about the process.

However you’re celebrating, share all your Halloween tricks and treats with us @Chewy! Need more pet Halloween inspo? Browse all the best spooky season goodies for pets.

Trick out your Halloween

Trick out your Halloween

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