Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer With These Essentials

Does that look like one happy dog or what? Summer for dogs means lots of fun in the sun (beach! hiking! farmer’s markets!) as long as you take all the heat and exposure into consideration and find ways to keep your dog cool in summer. It can take just minutes for your dog to go from comfortable to dangerously overheated, indicated by signs such as excessive panting or becoming unresponsive. And it’s not just heat but also high humidity, which can increase the chance of heat exhaustion in dogs. All dogs are at increased risk of overheating if they’re not given adequate shade or another cooler place to relax.

So, when temps soar, it’s good to have some supplies at the ready and we’re here to help you find what’s best for your own dog. From cooler sleep to chill clothes, these five inexpensive, easy and fuss-free things (did we mention just a bit chic, too?) will help keep your dog cool in summer.

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Cooling Vests and Bandanas

If your dog is cool with clothes, try slipping them into a vest into which you just add water to initiate the evaporative cooling effect. And have a few cooling bandanas on hand to keep your pal chill while looking, well, cool!
One of the newest and most innovative ways to reduce your fur baby’s body temp is to slip them into a cooling vest or wrap a cooling bandana around that sweet little furry neck. These products are made with water-retaining fabrics (no chemical coolants) and mesh layers so they’re all-day comfortable. Great to keep in the car or pet gear bag. Available in a range of style, patterns and prices.  Shop all cooling vests and gear. 

Cooling Beds, Blankets and Mats

When the mercury rises, it’s time to store those cozy winter pet beds and treat your pup to a new sleep situation with items that keep your dog cool in summer. The fun part for you? These come in wide range of styles to compliment your home’s decor.
Pet cooling beds and other sleepy-time products typically fall into two categories: self-cooling or air. Self-cooling beds use a layer of gel memory foam or non-toxic gel beads, all of which absorb heat and then chill when your pets leaves the bed. (Note: Read product descriptions carefully as some beds are better for chewers than others.)  Elevated beds use air circulation to beat the heat. Pet cooling blankets are made from special cool-sensing fabric designed to absorb your best pal’s body heat. Tech aside, these products to help keep your dog cool in summer range from mats and pads to canine couches in all kinds of styles and price points.  Shop all cooling dog beds here.

Splash Pools

It doesn’t take much encouragement to get a pooch to dive into just about any body of water, from puddles to ponds, so why not keep your dog cool in summer with a stylish backyard plunge pool that’s just their size?
Pet pools thankfully don’t need much explanation or tools for setting up and are one of the most fun ways to keep your dog cool in summer. Most are made from panels that expand by simply unfolding and filling with clean water from a nearby hose; when summer ends, just uncap, drain, dry and fold back up. We love the variety of sizes to suit your dog’s needs and the colorful solids and patterns that amp your style. There’s even a rectangular one for you modernists! Shop all pet pools here.  

Dog Houses and Shades

Sure, it’s fun for your pup to run and play in the summer sun, but when it comes time for a nice nap, nothing beats a shady space in which to chill out while watching all the backyard goings on.
Dog houses have come a long way from plain little boxes of yore. Today’s designer styles offer a seamless way to bring this necessity into the look of your yard. When selecting a dog house, a few things to consider are the size of your dog, what sort of weather is common to your location in summer, and the type of roof (it should have some sort of venting and be removable for cleaning). Be sure to add comfortable, familiar bedding when you first introduce your dog to their new outdoor house so they are more inclined to try it out.  Shop all dog houses here

Drink Up!

On average your dog needs about 1 ounce of water per 1 pound of body weight per day, but often more H2O is needed in summer. Having easy to serve water on hand is essential, and portable dog water bottles make this essential a snap.

Keep your dog cool in summer by making sure they are drinking at least the minimum recommended amount of water each day. Let’s do the math for you—a 5-pound dog should drink about 5 ounces of water each day and a 50-pound dog should drink about 50 ounces of water daily.  That means you need to have water on hand but the good news is there are plenty of options for portable water containers. Shop all portable dog water bottles here

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A Few More of Our Favorites

It’s easy to keep your dog cool in summer with any of the ideas above. Need a few more?

  • Dog Life Jackets:  Dog life jackets aren’t just your pet’s new favorite Bark Week outfit; they also have just the buoyancy boost they need for on-the-water fun. Even good swimmers benefit from a life jacket.
  • Dog Shoes and Boots: Your first thought might be winter, but hot pavement and sand can do a number on tender paws. Keep on hand.
  • Dog Cooling Pad for Freezer: Keep this small, easy to store pad in your freezer for a quick cooldown. (Can also be heated in microwave for winter ease.)
  • Dog Ice Creams: It’s tempting to share your cone with your pup, but dairy and sugar are not good for their digestive systems. Treat them to a dog-safe, easy to make version.

Three Chill Toys We Love

Keep your dog cool in summer by planning ahead for the season and stocking up on the essentials we love (and use!). Remember that while it is fun to be outdoors with your dog, keep an eye on them to watch for any signs of overheating while playing or even just hanging out. If you see any signs of overheating, find shade and provide drinking water immediately and if symptoms persist or worsen, seek help from a veterinarian.

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