February’s 9 Best New Streaming TV Shows and Movies to Watch With Your Pet

It’s February, we’re still in the depths of winter, and all you want to do is stay inside and binge-watch new shows with your pet snuggled up by your side. That’s why we’ve picked nine of the best new streaming releases to keep you warm all month long. Some of them feature pets at the center of the story; others are just the most buzzworthy shows and movies that we know you’ll want to chat about on your next puppy playdate. From comedies and dramas to edge-of-your-seat docuseries, there’s something for everyone on this list—so take your pick and let the watch-fest begin!

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“Gunther’s Millions”

Premiere Date: February 1

For Fans Of: true crime documentaries and dogs (German Shepherds especially)

Here’s a true story that’ll make your own dog jealous: Gunther IV is a multi-millionaire German Shepherd, complete with a trust fund. Yes, you read that right. He spends his days yachting around the world, having parties in mansions, dining on premium steak and generally living his very best life. In this docuseries, we follow Gunther and the many humans who care for him, including his eccentric pet parent, Italian pharmaceutical heir Mauizio Mian. But there’s more to this story than Champagne chew toys and caviar dreams—there’s a seedy underside beneath all the glitz and glam. Let’s just say this ends up being less “Lassie” and more true crime.

“You” (Season 4)

Premiere Date: February 9 (episodes 401-405) and March 9 (episodes 406-410)

For Fans Of: Psychological thrillers like “Dexter,” or the novels of Caroline Kepnes (who penned the books on which this series is based)

Starring: Penn Badgley (“Gossip Girl”), Tati Gabrielle (“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”), Lukas Gage (“Euphoria”), Charlotte Ritchie (“Feel Good”)

The oh-so-twisted Joe Goldberg is back in this latest season of “You,” about a bookish man prone to developing, uh, killer crushes on the women in his life. After three seasons following Joe as he literally gets away with murder, this latest installment finds him living abroad as college professor Jonathan Moore, rubbing elbows with a class of elites. Expect to see the return of Season 3 love interest Marienne, along with a whole new cast of characters at risk of being offed as Joe continues his search for true love.

Courtesy of Netflix


Premiere Date: February 2

For Fans Of: “On My Block,” “Gentefied,” and coming-of-age shows

Starring: Keyla Monterroso Mejia (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Ciara Riley Wilson (“L.A.’s Finest”), Tenzing Norgay Trainor (“Abominable”), Peggy Blow (“On My Block”)

Created by the minds behind Netflix’s teen comedy-drama “On My Block,” “Freeridge” follows the hilarious coming-of-age antics of a group of friends—including constantly clashing sisters Gloria and Ines—who believe they’ve been cursed by a mysterious box. Now they’ve got to do whatever it takes to rid themselves of the hex, with amusing results. Peggy Blow reprises her role as Marisol Martinez in this Latinx YA comedy series that’ll fill the “On My Block”-sized hole in the hearts of its die-hard fans.

“Your Place or Mine”

Premiere Date: February 10

For Fans Of: rom-coms, Reese Witherspoon, single moms getting second chances

Starring: Reese Witherspoon (“The Morning Show”), Ashton Kutcher (“That 70s Show”), Jesse Williams (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Tig Notaro (“Star Trek: Discovery”)

Reese Witherspoon stars as Debbie, a single mom in Los Angeles who decides to swap homes for a week with her long-time best friend Peter, who lives in NYC. But while Debbie is off enjoying her time in the big city and being romanced by a hot new guy, Peter looks after Debbie’s son and starts to wonder if maybe he blew it when he had his chance with Debbie years back. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s date night movie or simply need a feel-good rom-com to enjoy with your best animal pal, this is the Netflix pick for you.

Make Your Binge-fest Extra Cozy With These Pet Picks

Apple TV

“The Reluctant Traveler”

Premiere Date: February 24

For Fans Of: travel shows like “Conan Without Borders” and “The Layover”

Starring: Eugene Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”)

Follow along with great indoorsman Eugene Levy as he explores the world in this charming new travel show, perfect for those who are, well, not exactly the adventure-seeking type. Watch as Levy gets out of his comfort zone and journeys from the Maldives to Costa Rica and beyond while riding horses, ice fishing and interacting with elephants. Viewers get to know Levy and the world around him through each episode. Who knows, you might just get some ideas for your next getaway with your furry bestie!

“Dear Edward”

Premiere Date: February 3

For Fans Of: uplifting dramas like “A Million Little Things” and “Friday Night Lights”

Starring: Connie Britton (“The White Lotus”), Taylor Schilling (“Orange Is The New Black”), Colin O’Brien (“S.W.A.T.”), Eva Ariel Binder (“Stillwater”), Khloe Bruno (“Bunny and the Wood”)

Based on Ann Napolitano’s bestselling novel, this series follows 12-year-old Edward Adler, the sole survivor in a deadly plane crash, as well as the families and friends of those who didn’t make it. As the grieving connect through a support group, we get to learn more about those who didn’t survive, while also witnessing the impact of the crash on Edward. Definitely keep your snuggliest pet and a box of tissues nearby for this one.

“Hello Tomorrow”

Premiere Date: February 17

For Fans Of: “WandaVision,” “Tomorrowland” and retro-futurism in general

Starring: Billy Crudup (“The Morning Show”), Haneefah Wood (“One Day at a Time”), Teddy Cañez (“Tales of the City”), Allison Pill (“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”)

If you can’t get enough of retro-futurism (aka the way in which people in the 1950s and 60s envisioned the future), this is your series. Billy Crudup stars as a traveling salesman named Jack, who sells some truly unique timeshares… that just so happen to be on the moon. Half the fun is just watching the futuristic devices they’ve come up with in this imaginary world (like a leash that walks your dog for you!).


“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

Premiere Date: February 1

For Fans Of: Black Panther, Marvel comics and films

Starring: Angela Bassett (“What’s Love Got To Do With It”), Michael B. Jordan (“Creed”), Tenoch Huerta (“The Forever Purge”), Letitia Wright (“Death on the Nile”), Lupita Nyong’o (“Little Monsters”)

Whether you saw the film in theaters three times, or missed this release on the big screen, you and your Marvel-loving pet can now watch “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” in the comfort of your home. This second installment of the Black Panther film series follows Queen Ramonda, Shuri and others as they work to keep their nation safe after the death of King T’Challa. If you happen to have a black cat, we’re pretty sure you’re legally obligated to watch this one with them.


“And Just Like That… The Documentary”

Premiere Date: February 3

For Fans Of: all things “Sex and the City,” from the series to the films and beyond

Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker (“Hocus Pocus”), Cynthia Nixon (“The Gilded Age”), Kristin Davis (“Deadly Illusions”), Sara Ramírez (“Madam Secretary”), Mario Cantone (“Better Things”)

If you’ve been missing Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte since the Season 1 finale of “And Just Like That…” last year, get ready for this new documentary all about the “Sex and the City” reboot and the actors, writers, producers and crew who bring them to life. Get ready to hear all the behind-the-scenes goodies from SJP (that’s Sarah Jessica Parker, for the uninitiated) and her costars in this riveting doc that’s just the thing to hold you over while you wait for more news to leak about those Aiden photos that keep popping up around the net.
Looking for more ways to spend time with your pet this month? Check out our February calendar full of fun activities and timely reminders for all the things they need. We’ll be back here next month with more recommendations for the newest releases on streaming. Until then, happy watching!

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