Cozy, Quirky, Stylish: Top Pet Fashion & Home Décor Trends for Fall & Winter

Fleece-lined, olive green-hued quilted bomber jackets with neon orange accents. Camo-print coats with chic cream-colored zippers. Jet-black puffer jackets adorned with gold buttons and a waist belt.

Your pet’s fall and winter wardrobe this year might just be as stylish as yours (if not more!).

That’s right, fashion trends for pets this season (and next) are edgier, bolder and more reflective of human trends than ever. (Admit it; you’d totally wear those jackets, too.) And the same goes for pet home decor trends: Not only are pets’ spaces more joyful, fearlessly mixing and matching vibrant hues with pretty prints, but they’re also comfy sanctuaries boasting super-soft textures, like faux fur blankets and luxe plush pillows.

From Bombshell Bombers to Cozy Corners, Chewy’s Design and Trend Analyst San Tran fills us in on the hottest fall pet trends—and, more importantly, how pet parents (like you!) can help their pets get the look, too.

The Hottest Fall/Winter 2022 Pet Trends

Top Pet Fashion Trends

Fall-Winter pet fashion trends

Photo: Chewy Studios

Quilted Cozy

The classic quilted jacket has always been a cold-weather staple; but this fall, quilted jackets are available in a wider assortment of shades—for both pet parents and pets. Frisco’s Fleece-Lined Quilted Coat best represents Quilted Cozy, according to Tran.

“Featuring a popular fall color, Tomato Cream (Pantone 16-1348), this quilted jacket is a trendy and classic piece for your pet’s wardrobe,” Tran says. “Plus, [the coat] is cozy and chic. What’s not to love?”

Get the Quilted Cozy look for your pet:

Bombshell Bombers

Thanks to designers such as Stella McCartney and Prada, bomber jackets are back in a big way this year.

“This style is well-loved in the human world, so we decided to bring the look into the pet world,” Tran says.

Her favorite? Frisco’s Insulated Quilted Bomber for dogs and cats. She says the bomber not only features smart design (it has a water-resistant polyester shell for cold, wet weather), but it’s also stylish (that olive color with the neon-orange accent stripe is too cool) and casual (it features a soft fleece lining that makes the jacket comfortable and warm).

Get the Bombshell Bomber look for your pet:

Chic Puffers

Puffers—specifically oversized puffers—might be making a comeback for pet parents; but for pets, puffers have always been popular apparel for fall and winter. So, what makes this year so unique?

Tran says pets now have a chicer and more stylish assortment to choose from. We’re talking more luxe textures (like Frisco’s Faux Fur Pink Puffer Coat), sleek embellishments and details (like Frisco’s Belted Puffer) and eye-catching patterns and prints (like Frisco’s Colorblock Puffer).

Get the Chic Puffer look for your pet:

Faded Dyes

Street style but make it softer and more sophisticated: That’s how Tran describes the faded dye trend, which is a popular one for pets this season.

“We love a faded dye,” Tran says, adding that she especially likes Frisco’s Reverse Tie Dye Hoodie, describing it as an organic take on streetwear style.

Here’s how your pet can rock the Faded Dye trend:


“Good ol’ Raisins and Peanuts”: That’s what the “gorp” in “gorpcore” stands for. It’s a streetwear trend that embraces a hiking and outdoor aesthetic—where Patagonia vests and North Face jackets and Teva sandals reign. Now, pets are taking part in the gorpcore trend, too.

Gorpcore for pets features camo prints (like Frisco’s Camo Print Coat), techwear details (like Frisco’s Belted Puffer), cozy sweaters accented with travel-themed patches (like Frisco’s Button Down Sweater) and sleek, flattering silhouettes (like Frisco’s White Camouflage Parka). When designing these outdoorsy, nature-inspired coats for Chewy, Tran says they were “driven by [pet parents’] desire to get away and explore nature.”

Here’s how your pet can go Gorpcore this fall and winter:

Get to Know San Tran, Chewy Design and Trend Analyst

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Q: Where do you find inspiration as a designer?

A: Daily life with pets inspires us! We think about both their needs and our interests as pet parents. We brainstorm tons of ideas before we start to shape future designs and trend capsules.

Daily life with pets inspires us!

Q: How does Chewy determine the apparel and home décor designs/trends for each season?

A: We make sure to stay abreast of macro trends two to three years in advance and are always up to date on the latest colors, trends and materials. We listen to everything our customers are telling us like what they love and want to see more of for their pets. Believe it or not, we read every review!

Top Pet Home Decor Trends

Fall-Winter pet home trends

Photo: Chewy Studios

Joyful Self-Expression

Turn up the vibrancy this fall and winter with what might be our favorite pet home décor trend, Joyful Self-Expression.

Reminiscent of the ultra-vibrant dopamine and maximalist trends, Joyful Self-Expression is all about incorporating—as Tran puts it—“joyful, bright elements” into your pet’s space. We’re talking rainbow-hued doughnut pet beds, funny pet beds that look like an avocado and bright-green cactus scratching posts.

“[Pet parents] are seeking items that spark a conversation or light-hearted fun for their pets,” Tran says, adding that this Joyful Self-Expression trend is one that will continue through next year, too.

Embrace the Joyful Self-Expression trend with these products:


Sure, pet parents are no stranger to decorating our home with faux fur pillows and soft-to-the-touch throws—especially this fall as we go all-in on the coastal grandmother trend. But this Hyper-Texture trend really amps up the texture on your pet’s beds and furniture, including donut dog beds and cat trees and condos.

“Across the board for home trends and pet home items, we are seeing a focus on texture mixing and extreme texture,” Tran says. From faux fur blankets to plush pillow cat beds, this Hyper-Texture trend “makes for cozy interior spaces where your pet can feel protected, warm and safe—and the perfect place to hide away and take a nap!”

Hop on the Hyper-Texture trend with these products:

Cozy Corners

Speaking of cozy, pet parents are encouraged to create calm, quiet and secluded spaces in their home for pets this fall. These Cozy Corners not only give pets a place to escape, but they can also help calm pets who experience anxiety.

“We see pet parents returning to the office and traveling more, and this trend focuses on creating that cozy environment and retreat in your home,” Tran says.

Here are some ways to create a Cozy Corner in your home:

Texture! Color! Print! Maximum coziness! This fall, embrace them all—in both your own wardrobe and home and your pet’s.

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