BeChewy’s February Calendar: 28 Ways to Feel the Love With Your Pet This Month

It’s February, the season of love—and for many of us, the season of seemingly endless winter weather as well. Whether you’re riding high on a new crush or simply feeling crushed at the prospect of more snow, we’ve got a whole list of activities to help you make the most of the next four weeks. Use our free printable calendar of fun adventures, helpful reminders, holidays and other special days to live your best February life—all with your pet by your side, of course.

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28 Things to Do With Your Pet This February

February 1

Today is World Read Aloud Day, so why not spend some quality time reading to pets at your local shelter?

February 2

Happy Groundhog Day! Be prepared with a warm dog coat in case we get 6 more weeks of winter.

February 3

It’s Pet Dental Health Month. Remember to brush your dog’s or cat’s teeth, or ask your vet about a cleaning.

February 4

Celebrate National Homemade Soup Day with this homemade bone broth recipe for dogs and cats.

February 5

Cheer on your favorite artists at the Grammy Awards—like pet parent Miranda Lambert.

February 6

Does your pet’s monthly flea and tick preventative need a refill? Stock up now!

February 7

Honor Black History Month with the story of Dr. Lila Miller, a veterinarian who broke barriers for women of color.

February 8

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Shop our picks for your pup.

February 9

Make a vision board to keep you and your pet on track to reaching your 2023 goals.

February 10

Pets are prone to itchy skin in winter, so stock up on moisturizers, balms and soothing shampoos.

February 11

Ask your vet if your pet would benefit from a winter supplement.

February 12

February 13

Hydration is essential, especially for cats, so make sure they’re drinking enough water.

February 14

Treat your pet to a Valentine’s Day Cookie Gram this V-Day!

February 15

Want to keep your pet’s teeth extra clean? Stock up on dental chews.

February 16

Consider creating a trust for your pet—it’s more common than you think!

February 17

Try your hand at teaching your pet to talk with buttons.

February 18

Is your dog’s breath smelling … less than fresh? Find out how to get rid of bad dog breath.

February 19

Feeling the winter blues? Bring joy into your home with brightly colored decor.

February 20

It’s President’s Day—and also National Love Your Pet Day, so spend your day off pampering your pet.

February 21

Raise a glass for Mardi Gras—and get your dog in on the fun with this dog-friendly mocktail.

February 22

Cold or not, it’s National Walking the Dog Day—so find out how to make that winter walk less of a chore.

February 23

You pretty much have to give your pup homemade treats on National Dog Biscuit Day, right? Find the perfect recipe here.

February 24

It’s National Bird Feeding Month—fill up your feeder, and get out there to spot some feathered friends.

February 25

Help your pet beat the winter blues with these brain-enriching puzzle toys.

February 26

February 27

February is Dog Training Education Month—so why not teach your pup a new trick?

February 28

Now is a great time to refresh your nest with the latest trends in home decor.

Of course, you don’t have to do everything on our monthly calendar. (Life gets busy, we know!) If you have time for just a few special moments with your pet this month, add these adventures to your to-do list:
February pet parent checklist

And don’t forget to celebrate these February holidays!
February holidays infographic

The fun doesn’t stop here—we’ll be back next month with more ways to make the most of your time with your pet. Looking for more exciting things to do in the month of February? We’ve got you covered:

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