BeChewy’s April Calendar: 30 Pet Parenting Solutions for Spring

There are a lot of reasons to love the springtime, but if you’re a pet parent, this season also comes with plenty of challenges. Dealing with extra shedding, your pet’s seasonal allergies, and stress over the start of flea and tick season? We’re right there with you. That’s why we created this free printable April calendar of full of solutions to your most pressing pet problems right now. Use these wellness tips, holiday reminders and, yes, even fun activity inspo to have a happy, healthy month with your animal bestie.

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30 Things to Do With Your Pet This April

April 1

We’re tired of picking up our dog’s poop, aren’t you? Here’s how to avoid it.

April 2

It’s National DIY Day—why not bake your pet a DIY treat?

April 3

Does your pet’s monthly flea and tick preventative need a refill? Stock up now!

April 5

Celebrate the start of Passover with kosher pet food.

April 6

Spend National Pajama Day in matching jammies with your pet.

April 7

Is your pet protected by insurance? Start researching your options.

April 8

Try out the new rom-com core fashion trend with your pet.

April 9

Celebrate Easter with these Peeps-inspired DIY dog treats.

April 10

Keep your dog dry during April showers with a chic raincoat.

April 11

Show off your best pet selfie on National Pet Day.

April 12

Upgrade your pet’s ID tag with these personality-packed designs.

April 13

Spoil your pup with a new toy for International Pet Appreciation Day.

April 14

It’s music festival season! Mix up your look with Coachella-inspired fashion.

April 15

It’s Heartworm Awareness Month, so make sure your pet is up to date on their preventative.

April 16

Refresh your space with the year’s top home decor trends.

April 17

Fix the feline fuzz around your house with these tips for dealing with cat shedding.

April 18

Springtime allergies affect pets too. Here’s how to help.

April 19

Celebrate National Cat Lady Day by treating yourself or your favorite cat lover to a feline-inspired gift.

April 20

It’s 4-20—what better day to look into the benefits of CBD for pets?

April 21

Organize your pet’s stuff with these tips from Marie Kondo.

April 22

April 23

Enjoy a pint with your pup at a dog-friendly brewery.

April 24

It’s tick season, so be extra diligent about checking your pet for ticks.

April 25

Western fashion is back! Here’s how to get the look for you and your pet.

April 26

Train your dog not to track mud in the house—an especially useful skill during rainy season!

April 27

Plan a getaway to a dog-friendly dude ranch—they’re all the rage right now.

April 28

Your cat might have more hairballs than usual right now, thanks to shedding season. Here’s how to help.

April 29

It’s National Go Birding Day—so, go birding!

April 30

Shelters and rescues are caring for record numbers of pets. Find out if you’re ready to adopt.

Of course, you don’t have to do everything on our monthly calendar. (Life gets busy, we know!) If you have time for just a few special moments with your pet this month, add these adventures to your to-do list:

And don’t forget to celebrate these April holidays!

The fun doesn’t stop here—we’ll be back next month with more ways to make the most of your time with your pet. Looking for more exciting things to do in the month of April? We’ve got you covered:

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