11 Rom-Com Core Outfits for Your Pet, From ’13 Going on 30′ to ’27 Dresses’

Is your pet more of a plaid-wearing fashionista, like Cher Horowitz from “Clueless”? Or are they more of a rebellious riot grrrl, like Kat Stratford from “10 Things I Hate About You”? Find out quick because rom-com core has arrived—and the fashion trend might just be the most fun one for pets yet. To prove it, we’ve found 11 totally fetch outfits and accessories inspired by some of our favorite rom-com characters.

But First, What Exactly Is Rom-Com Core?

Named as one of Pinterest’s top trends of 2023, rom-com core is a fashion trend defined by the clothes seen in romantic comedies from the ‘90s and 2000s. Think Jenna’s rainbow-striped dress in “13 Going on 30” and “Save the Last Dance” cargo pants.

“We’re seeing searches for trends like ‘2000s girl’ increase 235 percent and ‘summer outfits vintage 90s’ up 150 percent,” says Arianna Thomas, Pinterest communications manager. The trend is all about channeling your inner main character energy, nostalgia for simpler times and romanticizing everyday moments, she adds. But for us pet parents, it’s also about finding your pet’s rom-com spirit animal and dressing them appropriately.

Rom-Com Core for Pets

To turn your pet into a rom-com star, here are our favorite rom-com core-inspired outfits for dogs and cats.

1 A Tail of 27 Dresses

Wagatude Daisy Print Ruffle Dog Dress

Considering some of the bridesmaid dress atrocities Jane shows off in “27 Dresses”—a movie about a woman who’s a bridesmaid in 27 weddings before finding a romantic partner of her own—her bright yellow strapless dress with playful ruffles is one of the cuter options. And this adorable Wagatude Yellow Ruffle Dog Dress is pretty close to it. The sweet daisy pattern adds a unique twist to the design, making it perfect for a fun and flirty rom-com-inspired look.

If it’s a bit chilly out, consider this Disney “Once Upon a Time” Dog & Cat Sweatshirt Dress. Its sunny hue mirrors Jane’s dress, but the material offers more warmth for brisk days.

2 Clueless Style? As If!


“Clueless”—a 1995 rom-com that follows Beverly Hills teen Cher and her friends as they navigate teenage life and find love in unexpected places—is a ‘90s fashion fever dream, what with the matching plaid sets, knee-high socks, cropped cardigans, high-collared dresses and fanciful hats. While we don’t think high school students actually dressed like this IRL (maybe in Beverly Hills?), that doesn’t mean your pup or kitty can’t.

If you want to help your dog or cat channel their inner Cher or Dionne, outfit them in this Frisco Plaid Sweater Dress or this other Frisco Plaid Sweater Dress or this Frisco Flannel Dress. A girl’s gotta have options.

3 13 Going on… a Walk

Wagatude Rainbow Heart Tank Dog Dress

Get ready to turn heads with this colorful and playful Wagitude’s Rainbow Dog Dress and Frisco’s Rainbow Denim Dog & Cat Dress. Both are reminiscent of the dress Jenna rocked while doing the “Thriller” dance in “13 Going on 30,” an endearing rom-com about a teen girl who wakes up the next day as a 30-year-old woman—and begins to look at her best friend a little differently.

The ruffled detailing and bright colors in both dresses bring a youthful and whimsical vibe that perfectly captures the essence of the classic romantic comedy.

4 Holiday Chalet Chic

GF Pet Chalet Dog Sweater

There are so many reasons why “The Holiday” is one of our favorite festive rom-coms of all time: the quaint English backdrop, the Christmastime setting, Jude Law as the love interest (swoon) and, of course, Cameron Diaz’s (aka Amanda Wood’s) on-point fashion choices.

GF Pet Chalet’s Dog Sweater and Frisco’s Cream Cable Knit Dog & Cat Sweater brought us back to the memorable, wine-fueled scene when Amanda was jumping around the English cottage belting out The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” while wearing a cozy, cream-colored, cable knit sweater. Not only will your pup be stylin’ like Cameron in this chunky sweater, but they’ll stay nice and toasty, too.

5 10 Things I Like About This ‘Fit

Frisco Pink Floral Dog & Cat Dress

Whether you were Team Bianca or Team Kat from “10 Things I Hate About You”—a rom-com about a popular teen who can’t go on a date until her rebellious older sister does—there’s one thing we can all probably agree on: the Stratford sisters had some serious style.

With its playful pink color, delicate floral pattern and ruffled hemline, this Frisco Pink Floral Dog & Cat Dress reminds us of the form-fitting, floral sundress Bianca showed off on her high school campus. Frisco’s Gray Camo Personalized Dog & Cat Bandana, on the other hand, screams Kat. It features Kat’s signature camo print and you can put your pet’s name on it.

Bonus On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Frisco Dog & Cat Basic Hoodie

“Mean Girls” may not technically be a rom-com, but the 2004 teen comedy featured truly iconic fashion moments that echoed the style of the time, from matching velour tracksuits to low-rise jeans and miniskirts. But our favorite isn’t Regina George’s pink cardigan or Gretchen Wieners’ plaid skirt. No, it’s Cady Heron’s comically oversized pink Lacoste polo.

Channel Cady—and the rest of the hot pink-wearing clique—by dressing your pet in this Frisco Dog & Cat Basic Hoodie or Frisco Dog & Cat Basic T-Shirt (on Wednesdays only, of course). And don’t worry—we’re sure your pet will still let you sit with them!

Unleash Your Pet’s Inner Rom-Com Star

Is anyone else feeling uber warm and fuzzy after taking that trip down rom-com memory lane? Dressing your pet up in these chick-flick-inspired outfits is a paws-itively adorable way to jump on the rom-com core trend. So, grab your pet and let the rom-com magic unfold—and who knows, a walk in the park with your stylish companion might just lead to your own IRL meet-cute.

And once you’ve nailed rom-com core, why not expand your little fashionista’s horizons to Barbiecore or even music festival style?

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